With her baby on the way, Shay Mitchell is worried about the possibility of having to undergo a caesarean section on the latest episode of her YouTube web series, “Almost Ready”.

Documenting her pregnancy journey along with her partner and dad-to-be, former ET Canada entertainment reporter Matte Babel, Mitchell is growing increasingly concerned about needing a c-section due to the baby being in a breech position.

Babel documents the couple’s visit to the obstetrician and gynecologist as the doctor confirms the baby’s position and discusses the procedure to turn her around for the birth.

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“I was honestly going in there and thinking she was good, with the head down,” Mitchell says after leaving the doctor’s office as she worries about the procedure to turn the baby. “I had somebody tell me that was worse than labour. They have to physically move her in your stomach.”

“Any time you want to get mad at me in the future, just think about what I’m going through,” she tells Babel.

When Babel begins to ask her about going through a c-section should the baby not turn, Mitchell begins to cry.

“I can’t even talk about this. It’s actually gonna make me upset,” she responds through tears. “Even if it doesn’t happen today, I don’t want to have to do that.”

“I know, but they’re gonna spin her today,” Babel reassures her. “Placenta’s out of the way, you have lots of fluid and the baby’s sitting high. There’s no question she’s gonna turn today.”

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The Canadian star says her biggest fears stem around the recovery time.

“I cannot be bedridden for however long it’s gonna be. I really don’t want that. If I’m in bed, I’m gonna go nuts,” she cries. “You’ll be able to live your life still and I’ll be f***ing stuck after the baby’s born. You can’t even lift them sometimes because it hurts so much.”

Babel again reassures Mitchell, telling her their daughter “is going to turn” around before the birth. To calm her nerves, Mitchell is looking to Beyonce for inspiration.

“I think Beyonce had a c-section,” she adds. “That’s the only thing that’s making me feel better, to be honest.”