Jeff Lewis is airing out his grievances with Andy Cohen, right to his face.

The “Flipping Out” star joined Cohen on his “Andy Cohen Live” radio show and confronted the host on his past jokes about Lewis’ ex Gage Edward.

“Once in a while, you will say, you know… you used to joke a lot about wanting to date Gage,” Lewis said to Cohen. “Or going out with Gage.”

The statement caused a quick response from Cohen, 51, “I know, and I stopped the second that you broke up.”

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“You actually did not,” Lewis, 49, corrected. “You kept going with it. And I just want to tell you, actually, you said it recently.”

“You did mention something about bringing Gage,” he continued. “And that did hurt my feelings because, you know, it was different when we were dating and you would joke, but now that we’re not together, and it was a tough breakup. So I just wanted to say that I prefer you not to say that.”

The “Watch What Happens Live” host then apologized for the remarks, “That’s so interesting. I’m sorry that I did because it was in my mind that I had stopped the second it was over… but I guess I didn’t.”

Lewis and Edward split back in February after 10 years together. The former couple share 2-year-old daughter, Monroe.

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Cohen then took it upon himself to confront Lewis about something that has been bothering him.

“I thought it was odd that I never heard from you after the birth of my child,” Cohen said, referring to his son Ben who arrived via surrogacy in February.

“Are you kidding?” Lewis quickly replied. “I even asked about sending a gift, and you said, ‘Absolutely don’t send me a gift, because I’ve received thousands of gifts.'”

Lewis later added, “Okay, I’m going to be honest with you, I was a little shocked when I found out you had a baby. You were kind of the last person on earth that I thought, at this stage, would have a child.”