Billie Eilish Reveals How She Performed Upside Down On ‘Saturday Night Live’

Billie Eilish made her “Saturday Night Live” debut this weekend and she did not disappoint.

Kicking off the show’s 45th season, the singer flawlessly performed her No. 1 hit “bad guy”. In an effort to change things up though, she sang upside down.

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In a recently released behind-the-scenes video, Eilish reveals the inspiration behind the performance and how she was able to walk on the ceiling.

“It was inspired by the scene from ‘Royal Wedding’ with Fred Astaire where he walks on all the walls and the ceiling,” she said. “Because the camera is attached to the moving room there’s no, like, it’s exactly in synch.”

The “Lovely” singer said that this was the most she has ever rehearsed for a performance, despite nursing an injury.

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“A big difficulty is, because I have two sprained ankles, so I have a boot and a brace for the other one,” she explained. “So figuring out how to be safe and be able to walk and do all the stuff with the boot on.”

Watch the entire video up top.

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