It’s been well over a year since Roseanne Barr was fired from “The Conners” after a tweet she issued about former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett was condemned as racist, but the 66-year-old comedian is clearly not over it.

Barr joined fellow comic Joe Rogan on his podcast, where she described being ousted from her namesake sitcom as “the worst, most horrible thing I’ve ever been through.”

However, Barr suggested that while her infamous “Planet of the Apes” tweet may have been the justification behind her firing, liberal “cabals” in Hollywood ordered her destruction due to her vocal support of President Donald Trump.

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“It’s all because I said that I like Trump,” Barr told Rogan. “A lot of cabals in Hollywood, that’s all they needed to hear: ‘She must be destroyed.’ And I did hear people say, ‘Oh my god, I’m afraid she’s going to try to humanize Trump.’ At the network they said that. And it’s like, what, you mean Trump voters? Is that who you’re afraid is going to get humanized?”

She continued: “It’s such an elitist, out-of-touch view of humans. It’s already offended me. It always offended me that they didn’t like their audience, and I liked the audience because I thought I’m from there and they’re familiar to me. And I vowed to myself: I’m not going to disrespect the audience. And I never did. And I never did sell out, neither.”

According to Barr, she had been warned by ABC executives who threatened to pull reruns of Roseanne off the air if she continued to say things they deemed offensive.

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“That’s kind of what killed the comedy thing for me,” she explained. “I was told that me getting in trouble one more time, I wouldn’t have my reruns anymore. And I live on that [income], you know? I asked for it to be defined… They said, ‘You know what it means.’”

Meanwhile, Barr issued an apology of sorts, implying her career-ending tweet came about because she had been working so hard on the series’ revival that she wasn’t focusing enough on her mental health.

“I’m sorry for allowing myself to become unwell — mentally — because I worked so hard, I didn’t look out for myself. I’ve got more mental illness than you’re average bear… Mental illness is terrifying. I think this whole thing is gonna move me to start talking more honestly about it. Of all the conversations in America, that’s the most needed,” she said.

As for her current mental state? Draw your own conclusions from the following comment: “I’m so glad I’m f**king old,” she declared. “So I’ll be passing away from this f**king realm soon enough.”

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You can watch Barr’s entire interview on “The Joe Rogan Experience” in the video above.