Pennywise and the Joker aren’t getting along too well with regular clowns.

In a sketch that aired Thursday night on “The Late Late Show With James Corden”, the “It” and “Joker” clowns go head to head with a group of regular clowns who can’t find work any more, thanks to the success of the on-screen murderers, played by Pete Holmes and Seth Green.

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Played by James Corden, Max Greenfield, Cedric the Entertainer and Olivia Harewood, the regular clowns are not happy when Pennywise and the Joker try to join their pity party.

“None of us can find work because of you two,” Corden the clown says.

“Everyone now thinks that clowns just want to eat kids and murder Batman. Well, I don’t want to murder Batman, I like Batman,” Cedric chimes in.

After Corden calls the pair a “disgrace to clowns,” the encounter escalates to a hilarious brawl. Watch the full clip up top to see what happens next.