Jeff Lewis took a page from the Lori Loughlin-Felicity Huffman playbook in order to get his daughter into an exclusive Manhattan preschool.

A few weeks back, the “Flipping Out” star revealed that his four-year-old daughter Monroe, whom he shares with ex Gage Edwards — was kicked out of her original preschool after he made snarky comments about some of the school’s parents on his SiriusXM radio show, “Jeff Lewis Live”.

On this week’s show, reports People, Lewis described how he was then forced to scramble in order to get her into a new preschool at the last minute.

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“I did get her into a new school but I did have to pull a Lori Loughlin and make a donation,” he quipped, referencing the “Full House” star’s upcoming trial over accusations that she paid a $500,000 bribe to get her daughters accepted into UCLA.

“I mean, I didn’t have anyone take a test for her, you know. I didn’t do anything like that,” he added.

“Everyone is like, ‘How did you get her in school so quickly?’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t know, I guess they just had a space!’ Well, I sponsored the carnival, that’s how it happened,” Lewis joked.

However, one of the guests on his show, “Real Housewives of New York City” star Jill Zarin, suggested it may not be the smartest thing to make that info public, what with the numerous criminal charges filed in the college admissions scandal.

“That never happened, that didn’t happen,” Lewis replied.

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In his earlier tirade, Lewis blasted the exclusive Montessori preschool that expelled his daughter due to his on-air comments.

“I picked the wrong school,” he said. “Next time, I’m going to trust my gut. I felt like the school was too regimented, too structured. I think, it’s not a college prep course. It’s preschool.”

He added: “Everyone takes themselves so seriously at that school. I think these people are arrogant, they’re pretentious… I don’t want Monroe to be in a strict school with overachievers and massive homework. She has her whole life to be stressed out. It’s preschool, let her be a kid and have fun.”

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