Henry Winkler Reacts To ‘Happy Days’ Reboot Plans, Rumours Of Feud With Tom Hanks

With reports of a “Happy Days” reboot circulating, the breakout star of the mega-hit 1970s sitcom shared his thoughts on returning to Milwaukee for some new hijinks from Fonzie, Richie and the rest of the now-geriatric gang.

Development of the “Happy Days” reboot is being led by Cathy Silvers, who played Jenny Piccolo, and she recently shared an update with TooFab.

“It’s time for a comeback,” Silvers told the website. “I’m working with writers now on it. ‘Cause it makes sense now. We’re waiting for the green light, but I’m on board. We’re gonna stick me behind Arnold’s bar. If Henry [Winkler] will do it, he’ll live upstairs. If Ronnie [Howard] wants to come back, we’ll put him and Marion [Ross] in the Cunningham living room. That’s pretty much what ‘Happy Days Again’ is gonna be… we need it, it’s time.”

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Winkler, who became one of TV’s biggest stars by playing Arthur “The Fonz” Fonzarelli on the show, was asked about Silvers’ reboot plans during his Thursday appearance on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live”.

“You know, Cathy is a lovely young woman,” Winkler said diplomatically. “Godspeed if she can get a reboot. I would have to have that leather jacket let out!”

As Cohen reminded, during an earlier “WWHL” appearance Winkler told him he had a 27-inch waist when he first started playing Fonzie.

“I did,” the “Barry” star admitted. “I had abs at that time, they also fell out of my body.”

Winkler was also asked to comment on long-simmering rumours that a rift between him and Tom Hanks led to his being replaced as director of the Hanks-starring “Turner & Hooch”, with Winkler once revealing in a 2012 interview with Howard Stern that he “got along better with Hooch than I did with Turner.”

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While Winkler didn’t mention Hanks by name, he didn’t exactly squelch rumours of a feud.

“I was directing that movie for 13 days and then I was called into [then Disney-exec] Jeff Katzenberg’s office and he said, ‘Do you have everything with you? Go home,'” he recalled. “I got along great with that dog. Love that dog. That was the dog movie, love that dog. Big dog.”

Asked if he had ever seen “Turner & Hooch”, Winkler took the opportunity to throw a little shade.

“I don’t remember the title of that movie,” he quipped.

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