Jenny Mollen wants mothers to be proud of their C-section scars.

The actress, 40, posed nude for a new profile with Harper’s Bazaar, addressing her two emergency C-sections while welcoming sons Sid, 5, and Lazlo, 2.

In the stunning photograph, Mollen shows off her thin, smile-like scar.

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“My mom had to have an emergency C-section; she never dilated,” Mollen told the magazine. “So, going into my first pregnancy I felt like, Oh my God, this is going to happen to me.

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Ultimately, she did need a C-section.

“I tried and tried, I laboured for hours, I mean like 16 hours,” she explained. “[The doctor was] like, ‘You’re, like, half a centimetre dilated. There’s a 99 per cent chance you’re not going to have this baby vaginally.’ At that point I was like, ‘All right, just f—ing cut me.’”

Mollen shares both her boys with husband Jason Biggs.

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