It has been quite an interesting week for Dan + Shay.

The country duo released their new song “10,000 Hours” on Friday in collaboration with megastar Justin Bieber. Dan + Shay spoke with Zane Lowe of “Beats 1” on how the collab came together.

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“We’ve crossed paths with Justin a few times in the past man and we’ve always kind of towed with the idea of collaborating on something,” Shay explained. “We had the same manager, Scooter Braun. So I sent it to scooter and it was like, yo hear me out on this. This might be wild.”

“Right away Justin hit back and is like, let’s do this song together,” Shay continued. “He wrote a few lines on it, did his thing, put his spin on it. And man, it just really worked out. He just, he just got married the other day.”

The song’s music video features all three artists serenading their significant other. This includes Bieber singing to his wife Hailey Baldwin. Dan + Shay actually attended the celebrity couple’s recent wedding ceremony.

“I’m so glad that we’re already married because I feel like if you bring your fiance or girlfriend to that wedding, there’s a lot of high expectations,” Shay teased. “It was beautiful man. It was wonderful and everybody was so sweet… We were definitely the least famous people there.”

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“Yes,” Dan confirmed. “The paparazzi saw us walked by and they’re like, who are they? Keep walking. Dude, the food was a 10 out of 10 it was so crazy. Like the whole time people were just having a blast. They were dancing.”

Their new song serves as a single from Dan + Shay’s upcoming fourth studio album.