Manny Jacinto On ‘Bittersweet’ Ending To ‘The Good Place’

Manny Jacinto has mixed feelings about the ending of “The Good Place”.

Season four of Global‘s “The Good Place” is currently on the air. It will be the last-ever season of the popular program. Manny Jacinto, the Filipino-born Canadian actor who portrays Jason Mendoza on the show, spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the series finale.

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“When we all read it at our final table read when we shot it, it felt very bittersweet. It felt sad, but also happy and full,” Jacinto said. “Whatever you expect to explore in this show, it’s going to twist and turn all different ways.”

“I’ve tried to make my predictions, the cast has tried to make their predictions, and all of us have failed,” he continued. “We don’t know what’s going on in the [showrunner] Mike Schur brain.”

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Ultimately, Jacinto just hopes fans enjoy it. “Fingers crossed people will feel as if they’ve been given a very satisfying and complete ending and something that’s very optimistic,” he said. “I feel like having read the script, it definitely felt complete.”

“The Good Place” airs Thursdays on Global TV.

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