Tyler, The Creator Was Not Offended By Eminem’s Homophobic Lyric

Eminem’s 2018 track “Fall” received lots of attention for the rapper’s diss of other artists, but none more than the apparent homophobic line about Tyler, the Creator.

“Tyler create nothin’, I see why you called yourself a f****t, b**ch,” Eminem rapped. “It’s not just ‘cause you lack attention, it’s ‘cause you worship D12’s balls, you’re sacrilegious.”

Many people were very offended by the lyric, but Tyler was not among them. In a new interview with The Guardian, the singer discussed when he first heard it.

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“Did you ever hear me publicly say anything about that? Because I knew what the intent was,” the artist explained. “He felt pressured because people got offended for me. Don’t get offended for me. We were playing Grand Theft Auto when we heard that. We rewound it and were like: ‘Oh.’ And then kept playing.”

Eminem did apologise for the lyric saying that it was supposed to be a response to Tyler’s criticism of “Walk On Water”.

“When Tyler tweeted out the thing about ‘Walk on Water,’ ‘this f**king song is horrible.’ I was like alright, ‘I need to say something now,'” Eminem told Sway. “Because this is f**king stupid. I’m not going let everybody just… I’m not gonna be America’s punching bag.”

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Although at one time, Tyler was also accused of being homophobic before he came out due to the slurs in some of his songs.

Former British Prime Minister Theresa May blasted the “Flower Boy” singer, saying that his music encouraged “violence and intolerance of homosexuality.” Tyler was banned from the U.K. for three to five years in 2015.

“People knew the intent,” told The Guardian about May’s criticism. “That tree over there could be a f**got! Who hasn’t played Call Of Duty online and heard some 11-year-old call you that because you killed him? You knew the intent behind it and then people were faking, like, he’s homophobic? That was pissing me off. It’s just another word.”

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He then added, “She’s gone, so I’m back, It’s been four years since I’ve been back. Since this beautiful, flawless black skin was allowed in the country … People don’t realize that all the stupid sh*t they did, no one knows about it but the three people in their hometown. All the stupid sh*t I did, or said, was public.”

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