A Calgary boy is seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses after a legendary musician gave him the pair he was wearing during a concert last week.

At his Saskatoon show on Oct. 1, Elton John noticed 11-year-old Christopher Talbot in the front row.

And how couldn’t he?

Talbot was wearing a custom-made replica of one of John’s 1970s outfits — a white jacket with feathers radiating from the shoulders that his family surprised him with, in addition to the tickets.

“He had no idea… My aunt and I made it. It took us a good few days, like long days of making this. We knew it was Christopher’s favourite costume,” said mom Michelle Boucher. “We wanted to make sure that he’d be seen at the concert.”

During the encore, John gifted the fan with a piece of his iconography — and everyone could feel the love that night.

Boucher said John’s acknowledgement of her son was heartfelt.

“[Christopher] was transfixed. We couldn’t even speak when Elton got onstage,” she said. “We had watched him give him thumbs up, point to him throughout the concert, and he knew. And then it was a tear fest after that.

“He saw Christopher singing and then he said it was just so nice to see the younger generation, new generation.”

Her son is grateful for the groovy glasses.

“The kindest gesture we’ve ever had,” Boucher said. “I’ve never seen anything like it. It was amazing.”

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Talbot became an instant fan of the music icon after seeing the recent biopic Rocketman.

“His life and his music — that’s what kind of grabbed my attention,” he said.

John posted on his social media accounts that it’s great to see new generations of fans enjoying his music.