Jameela Jamil is thankful she didn’t get “cancelled” for her “problematic thinking” years ago.

Appearing on Thursday’s episode of “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah”, the “Good Place” star shared her thoughts on criticism and being corrected by others.

“I only have the freedom that I have now because other people before me fought for women of colour to be given opportunities that I’m now able to benefit from,” she said. “So, no, I never tire of being corrected when I’m wrong, you know, I have more to learn and I’m grateful that people don’t patronize me and they think that I can take the criticism, and I can.”

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Jamil talked about “cancel culture” and how her thinking has changed over the years.

“The thing that we are sometimes searching for in our society is moral purity and we are just never going to find that. All you can find is progress and not perfection and so that’s what we should all be striving towards,” Jamil said. “Ten years ago I was problematic in my thinking and there were loads of things I didn’t know and didn’t understand and thought I was right about. Had I been ‘cancelled’ at that time I would never have gone on to become someone who spends all of their life fighting for women’s rights and the rights of people who are marginalized and who is now being able to get Instagram and Facebook to change their global policy to protect young people.”

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Recently, the actress launched a petition and met with Instagram officials to stop celebrities from promoting diet products on social media sites, especially to minors.

“They have made it impossible for minors, anyone under the age of 18, to see cosmetic surgery procedures being sold or any kind of diet or detox product. It just will not come up on your feed and if you’re over 18 and you don’t want to see these things…you can report those and they get taken down.”

Jamil made it clear why this is so important to her.

“I’m someone who took these products and I will never get my full health back so I’m damned if this is going to happen again 20 years later,” she said.