Netflix Releases Trailer For Jenny Slate’s Comedy Special

“Big Mouth” star Jenny Slate is heading to the stage with her very first Netflix comedy special “Stage Fright”.

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Netflix released a heart-warming and funny trailer of Slate expressing why stage fright has made her performance career difficult and how people’s advice doesn’t help.

“The worst thing is like ‘Just be yourself!’ ’Cause I’m like, ‘Oh, okay! You should see how many selves there are in my psyche,’” she says in the trailer.

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The special will be a mixture of documentary footage from Slate’s childhood and a stand-up performance.

Though she says she is riddled with a fear of the stage, Slate offers some helpful advice to create some balance with anxiety.

“Who gives a sh*t?! Death will come for us all. I’m dressed for it.”

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Set yourself a reminder because “Stage Fright” will arrive to Netflix on Oct. 22.



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