Billy Bob Thornton: It ‘Hurts My Feelings’ That People Think ‘I’m Some Kind Of Crazy Lunatic’

Billy Bob Thornton says a lot of people have the wrong impression of him.

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The “Fargo” actor recently told People how others often assume he is unapproachable. Thornton, 64, confessed that perception of him can be hurtful.

“A lot of it is that I’m some kind of crazy lunatic who lives in a dungeon somewhere. It’s just not true,” Thornton said. “I’ve had my times where I’ve had a lost weekend or two. I’ve had my fun, but I think I’m more normal than people think. I’m actually a pretty approachable person.”

“One thing, and it actually kind of hurts my feelings is people come up to me in public and say ‘hello’ and want a picture or whatever,” he continued. “I get it a lot, they say, ‘you’re so nice, I didn’t expect that.’ And I go, ‘well, I’m just this guy. I just play these people.'”

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Thornton most recently starred on the big screen in “London Fields” and “A Million Little Pieces”. He is also starring as Billy McBride on the television series “Goliath”.

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