Don Johnson Reveals Plans For ‘Miami Vice’ Revival: ‘We’re Kicking Around Some Thoughts’

It may be time for Don Johnson to dig out those pastel-coloured Armani jackets from the back of his closet after his revelation that a revival of “Miami Vice” could be in the works.

During an interview on U.K. chat show “This Morning”, the 69-year-old actor divulged that discussions are underway to revive the 1980s television hit that blended cop-show drama with MTV style.

Asked whether there were plans about “bringing it back,” Johnson admitted that there actually were.

‘We’re kicking around some thoughts,” he said tentatively.

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“Amazingly enough, it’s come back around,” Johnson said of the show, which was remade as a so-so 2006 movie starring Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx, while NBC was rumoured to be kicking the tires on a Vin Diesel-produced reboot in 2017.

“It seems they’ve run out of ideas for good shows,” he added, “so they’re going to the well.”

“Is this something you’d be up for?” asks one of the hosts, a question Johnson answered only with a sly smile.

“You’re doing it, aren’t you!” exclaimed the host.

“Maybe, I dunno,” Johnson admitted, adding, “There’s a lot of water left to row, but we’ll see.”

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“Miami Vice” isn’t the only one of Johnson’s former TV hits to be under reboot consideration; a few months back The Hollywood Reporter reported Johnson would be reprising his role in a “Nash Bridges” TV movie that would serve as a “backdoor pilot” for a new series, which could be a revival or a spinoff.

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