Billie Eilish Tells Haters Opposed To A Collab With BTS They Are ‘So Mean’

People who are not fans of BTS had better keep their opinions to themselves if Billie Eilish is in earshot.

In an interview earlier this year, the 17-year-old rocker admitted she was excited to learn that the K-pop superstars were big fans of her debut album, and revealed she’d be open to a collaboration.

During a Q&A on Tuesday at the Austin City Limits Festival in Austin, Texas, the “Bad Guy” singer was asked if a BTS collab was something she’s still interested in pursuing.

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While a few fans shouted “Yes!” a vocal contingent shouted “No!”

According to video from the event, Eilish was apparently taken aback by the anti-BTS sentiment.

“Stop! Oh my god, that is so mean,” she told the crowd, putting her hand over he mouth.

“I’ll listen to them,” she added. “They’ve very nice, they’ve said some very nice things about me.”

BTS are indeed big fans of Eilish, which group member Jungkook proved definitively when he posted a video of himself dancing to “Bad Guy”, which went viral with 1.46 million views and counting.

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