Andrew Scott would never have taken his role in “Fleabag” if the priest had been written as “hot.”

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Appearing Global’s “The Late Show” on Tuesday night, the actor spoke to host Stephen Colbert about taking on the now-iconic and much-lusted-after part.

“It was written as The Priest, the internet has adopted the character as The Hot Priest,” Scott said. “Otherwise I think I would have been kind of intimidated.”

He added, “When we first started talking about this character we wanted him to be a good man who has a genuine dilemma between his love of this woman and his love of the Church.”

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In creating the character, Scott also wanted to make sure things felt real.

“That’s a real dilemma for a lot of people so we wanted it not to be just a gimmicky love story so the fact that the world has embraced it is really genuinely cool,” he said.

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