5 Seconds Of Summer are truly teasing the release of their upcoming album.

“It’s out tomorrow, man,” lead vocalist Luke Hemmings tells ET Canada‘s Roz Weston at the top of our sit-down with the pop rock quartet in Toronto. “Don’t trick people,” drummer Ashton Irwin quips in response.

“We are gonna put it out next year,” Hemmings admits. “We need time to pull together the creative, and pull all the songs together, and honestly finish a little bit of it.”

“And think of a name,” adds guitarist Michael Clifford.

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Their last LP — 2018’s Youngblood — beat out superstar couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s collaborative record Everything Is Love to nab the top spot on the Billboard 200 during its first week of release, a pretty tough act to follow.

“We don’t really talk about those things very much because they mean a lot to a consumer frame of mind, but we find it to be toxic to the creative process” Irwin reveals. “I often talk about the Beyoncé and Jay-Z thing, ’cause they, they were actually really brave in the way they approached that. They tried to release music on their own platform, and I think that’s an incredible thing to do. I mean, we didn’t have the balls to do that,” he laughs.

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The Aussies also opened up about being thrust into the spotlight at such a young age.

“I think that when you start to overthink things like [fame], you’ll have an overgrown ego and become lost within yourself,” Irwin says.

While the guys may not take their celebrity status too seriously, they are aware of how it can negatively affect those closest to them — such as Hemmings having to call out Twitter trolls who attacked his girlfriend, Sierra Deaton.

“It’s a thing that’s, you know, happened for awhile, and I just felt the need to kind of… say something about it, ’cause it affects my everyday life,” he shares. “I was just trying to keep the peace and keep everyone happy. And keep my, you know, real life in order. And try and keep that a positive space.”