The audience may see plenty of fighting on “The View” but that’s not a real picture of what things are like behind the scenes.

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Co-host Sunny Hostin appeared on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and the host gave her a bit of a grilling on all the feuds.

“So you sit on ‘The View’ in-between Joy and Meghan. Are you ever worried you might get stabbed or something like that?” Kimmel asked.

“Often, or that I may do the stabbing,” Hostin joked.

She continued, “You know what it is, Jimmy, you don’t hire five passionate, smart, aggressive women and not get what you get. We adore each other but there are many days where we dislike each other. We are passionate about our positions and you see it every single day.”

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Kimmel pushed her on the subject, though, “Do you really adore each other?”

“We do, some days. but there are days…” Hostin said before trailing off.

Asked whom she adores the least on the show, Hostin replied, “It actually depends on the day. There hasn’t been a co-host that I have not argued with on set and off set. The only person I actually feel a little guilty about arguing with is Abby because she’s so sweet, we all do feel a little guilty.”