Cardi B surprises Young Dylan, from Ellen DeGeneres’ digital series “Young Dylan’s Mixtape”.

The adorable and talented 10-year-old shared a sample of something he wrote to a Cardi song. The two of them were so cute together because Young Dylan was star struck and Cardi admits she’s weird around children.

The two rappers made it to a round of “Rhyme Wars” where they went head-to-head to see who could out-rhyme the other and make’m red (we’ll leave the rapping to them).

Cardi gave some smart advice and told Dylan to record/tape everything he does now, so he can have that footage when he’s older. Ellen is definitely helping out with some of that.

Right before the digital episode wrapped up with a selfie, Cardi B also gave tips on how to execute a purfect “okurrrr.”