Natalie Portman Suggests ‘Sharing Salary Details’ With Other Actresses

Natalie Portman wants to put actresses up on game when it comes to contract negotiations.

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The pay disparity between men and women in Hollywood has become a recurring conversation over the last several years. Portman suggests actresses can share “salary details” with each other so women are more informed when negotiating with studios.

Natalie Portman. Photo: Elle
Natalie Portman. Photo: Elle

“If we don’t talk to each other, we can’t share, we can’t get information, we can’t get angry and organize together,” she tells Elle as part of the magazine’s 2019 “Women in Hollywood” special. “Something we’ve been talking about is sharing salary details with each other.”

“Right now, it’s such a taboo,” Portman continues. “It’s actually a real way that we can help each other, to be like, “Hey, this is what I get paid. This is how I negotiated this.'”

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Natalie Portman. Photo: Elle
Natalie Portman. Photo: Elle

Other women featured in the 2019 Women in Hollywood feature include Zendaya, Scarlett Johansson, Lena Waithe, Nicole Kidman, Mindy Kaling, and more.

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