Issa Rae Lends Her Voice To Google Assistant

If you’ve ever wanted a celebrity to tell you the weather, you’re in luck!

On Thursday, Google revealed that Issa Rae is the new voice of Google Assistant, the company’s AI voice helper.

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The “Insecure” star is the second celeb to lend their voice to Google Assistant, following musician John Legend.

Users will be able to ask any kind of question and get a response in Rae’s voice but there are some special, Rae-specific questions like, “Do you have any dating advice?”

“I’m a big ‘reminder’ person. I’m always talking to myself out loud — to remind myself to read a script or to remind myself to set up a meeting. I’m also big on music, and obviously it links to Spotify, which I use every single day, almost every hour, so it’s really helpful to be able to use it there. And a lot of scheduling stuff, which is the biggest headache in my life. Travel plans, things like that. I really use it for everything that just makes my life easier,” Rae told Refinery29.

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As for whether she’ll be interacting herself on Google Assistant, Rae said, “I’m going back and forth. I don’t know, because I guess it’ll be less crazy if I’m talking to myself and I respond, or maybe more crazy. I’m definitely going to give it a shot and see what it sounds like — and I want to discover those Issa eggs. I’ll report back.”

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