This is the name of the skit performed by Adam DeVine, Kieran Culkin, and James Corden on “The Late Late Show” on Wednesday night.

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DeVine and Corden play two veteran detectives who interrogate a murder suspect, Culkin, who says he knows nothing about the bank robbery because he was at the hospital meeting his new baby.

In the hilarious skit, Culkin is challenged to provide answers to DeVine and Corden’s questions because babies do not just come from “thin air.”

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The comedic scene shows Culkin attempting to clarify that a woman’s egg becoming fertilized does not mean she is a chicken, nor does it involve throwing dirt inside of her. Instead, Culkin explains that the egg is fertilized by a man’s seed.

DeVine reacts, “I’m not an apple!”

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Watch the video to see Corden and DeVine’s priceless reaction the moment Culkin tells them how a man’s seed gets inside of a woman.

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