In an interview with Howard Stern, Demi Moore looks back at some major events in her career.

The 56-year-old actress discussed her Vanity Fair pregnancy cover and her Navy SEAL training for “G.I. Jane” on “The Howard Stern Show”.

Moore posed naked for Vanity Fair back in 1991 when she was pregnant with her second daughter, Scout Willis. The cover was known as rather controversial at the time.

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“I was trying to do the shoot reflective of how I felt. Women were only in Peter Pan collars,” she told Howard Stern, “You could celebrate finding out that you’re pregnant, you can celebrate once you had the child, but in the in-between it was like culturally we have to pretend we’ve never had sex, that it’s like this immaculate conception.”

In Moore’s Inside Out memoir, it is stated that Vanity Fair had to cover the magazine on newsstands so people wouldn’t see her body.

“I couldn’t believe how crazy the response was, it was as if it was pornographic,” she said.

Clive Dix/Shutterstock
Clive Dix/Shutterstock

Stern said Moore’s shoot was revolutionary and paved the way for many stars to do pregnancy photoshoots.

Speaking of being revolutionary, Moore also discussed doing what many couldn’t do during her prep for “G.I. Jane”. She trained with Navy SEALs.

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The first day she had to do a mile run at 5 a.m. with 40 other men. The actress had taken some vitamins on an empty stomach.

“I crossed the finish line, take a right turn, puke my guts out, and get back in there,” she told Stern.


Buena Vista Pictures
Buena Vista Pictures

By midday, the actress had massive blisters on her feet and her consultant informed her that she didn’t really have to complete SEAL training.

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“I thought, If I don’t right now I’ll never get it back,” she said. “I said, ‘Just give me some tape,’ and I taped up my blisters and off we went.”

You can read stories like these and more in Moore’s very intimate and emotionally charged memoir Inside Out.