Marvel Studios Boss Kevin Feige Hints At Third ‘Ant Man’ Movie: ‘You Never Know’

Could the Marvel Cinematic Universe have another “Ant-Man” movie in store?

That’s what Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige hinted while speaking to the New York Times for a profile of Paul Rudd in advance of his upcoming Netflix series “Living With Yourself”.

During one part of the interview, Rudd discussed the intense level of secrecy involved in working in a Marvel movie, joking that revealing the contents of his breakfast could be seen as a spoiler indicating that he’s in training to play Ant-Man.

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“Feel free to not put in the fact that I’m eating bacon,” Rudd told interviewer Dave Itzkoff. “Eggs would be fine.”

Itzkoff followed up by contacting Feige to find out about any future plans for Rudd/Ant-Man within the MCU, and he offered a cryptic comment.

“The chess pieces were arranged very purposefully after ‘Endgame’,” said Feige. “Those that are off the board are off, and those that are still on, you never know.”

Later in the interview, Rudd is equally cagey when asked about his role in the upcoming “Ghostbusters” flick, and whether his mystery role will require him to strap on a proton pack.

“It remains to be seen what I strap on,” Rudd said. “I’m not giving you anything.”

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Rudd will next be seen in Netflix’s “Living With Yourself”, premiering Friday, Oct. 18.

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