Cindy Crawford Responds To Criticism About Letting Daughter Kaia Gerber Pursue Modelling: ‘I Had No Trepidation At All’

Modelling is a tough, competitive business, but Cindy Crawford is happy to see daughter Kaia Gerber follow in her footsteps.

The 53-year-old supermodel and her daughter, 18, were on hand for Vogue‘s Forces of Fashion Summit, where they chatted with moderator Tonne Goodman.

During the wide-ranging conversation, Crawford addressed criticism from those who think it was a bad idea to let her daughter pursue a modelling career when she was just 10 years old.

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“I had no trepidation at all about saying yes to Kaia,” Crawford said, reports Paper Magazine. “I felt comfortable and I was like, ‘Go for it, have fun and I’m always here if you have a question.'”

Crawford does, however, acknowledge how much the industry has changed since she started out. “I don’t think my generation grew up wanting to be models,” she explained. “You didn’t even really think that it was a real job. Then it was the supermodel moment. Then when I really look back on, it was like ‘America’s Next Top Model’. Tyra Banks made everyone believe like all of a sudden you too can be a model and then social media happened right after that.”

Crawford continued: “Then everyone not only could be a model, but they were a model in their everyday life. There isn’t a 12-year-old that doesn’t know how to take a great selfie and how to retouch it perfectly. So when people would say, ‘Well, how could you let Kaia start modeling?’ I’m like every young person is modeling in their own life. Now, if they might only have 300 followers and I do think having more followers and more eyes on you has sometimes felt like a lot of pressure for Kaia because sometimes she’ll want to just post something silly or funny and then all of a sudden you’re like, ‘Okay, does this fit my image?’ As you were saying, it’s been a great tool but it also sometimes feels like pressure.”

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Meanwhile, Gerber said that having Cindy Crawford as a mother is akin to a lifelong masterclass in modelling.

“Talk about a point of reference! If anyone had a point of reference, I definitely did and one of the best ones. For me [modelling] wasn’t a foreign world to go into and I felt like I understood it. I knew what I was kind of getting into. I’d been around it a lot. I definitely think there are some things that no matter how much somebody can tell you about, there were a lot of things you do have to learn firsthand,” she said.

“So for me it was, it was definitely less scary to go into,” added Gerber. “I have so much appreciation for women, like my mom and for the other girls who come who don’t know anything. A lot of the times, English isn’t even their first language. I had a unique experience going into the industry.”

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