‘Aquaman Is Not Here For The Signing Of Boobs’ In Sneak Peek At Jason Momoa’s ‘Simpsons’ Cameo

Jason Momoa makes his debut on “The Simpsons” this week, and things take a weird turn thanks to Marge’s sisters.

In a brief clip from the episode, the “Aquaman” star is the special celebrity guest at Springfield’s San Castellanta festival — no doubt named for Dan Castellaneta, who has provided the voice of Homer since the series’ origins on “The Tracey Ullman Show”.

Onstage, Momoa recounts the legend of the festival’s titular saint, who was martyred in particularly gruesome fashion that included being shot with arrows made from frozen snakes, having his eyes plucked out and replaced by chocolate-covered pistachios and his bones boiled in cherry wine; the good news, however, is that the saint is now being honoured with his own signature spumoni ice cream.

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Before he can get to his story, however, Selma and Patti each shout out a request from the audience, asking Momoa to “sign my left boob.”

“Aquaman is not here for the signing of boobs,” Momoa responds heroically before taking on a more seductive tone. “That’s a separate event at the Marriott, Conference Room C.”

You can catch more when the episode airs on Sunday, Oct. 13.

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