Priyanka Chopra Gushes Over Hubby Nick Jonas: ‘I Have A Sense Of Contentment’

As Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas approach their one year wedding anniversary, Chopra still can’t get enough of her hubby.

The actress gushed about Jonas while promoting her new film “The Sky is Pink”, revealing the most surprising thing she’s learned about marriage.

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“I have a sense of contentment,” the 37-year-old stunner told E! News. “I feel like that’s the best part of being married.”

“I think the most surprising part,” Chopra added. “Every single day when I wake up I’m like, ‘Oh, I have a home. Like, this is my home. This person is my home.’ And I didn’t know that feeling outside of my parents. Like, it’s like, ‘Oh, this is the family that I have chosen.’ It’s family.”

And they’re both ready for that next step, babies.

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“I’ve wanted to experience motherhood since when I was 12 years old,” she explained. “I love kids, I’ve always wanted to have them. And whenever it’s time, I’m sure it will.”

Chopra’s “The Sky Is Pink” premiered in September at the Toronto International Film Festival but will hit big screens October 11.

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