It appears that Zedd won’t be visiting China any time soon.

In  a tweet issued on Thursday, the Russian-German DJ wrote that he had been “permanently banned” from China.

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The reason? He hit the “like” button on a tweet celebrating the 300th episode of “South Park”, which has been banned in the country due to a scathing episode about Chinese government censorship titled “Band in China”.

CNBC reached out to Zedd’s (real name: Anton Zaslavski) publicist, who confirmed that he wasn’t exaggerating.

“This is true, yes, but we don’t have anymore info to give you at this time,” Adam Guest, senior entertainment publicist at U.K.-based SATELLITE414 agency, told CNBC, although it’s not clear whether the ban is on Zedd entering the country or if it’s his music that’s been banned.

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The “Band in China” episode created controversy in the country by mocking China’s authoritarian censorship of content critical of the government, which ironically led to “South Park” becoming censored on Chinese Internet search engines.

Protesters in Hong Kong responded to the ban by running the controversial episode on a giant screen set up on a busy street.