Anticipation is building for the release of “Frozen 2”, and stars Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel open up about the upcoming sequel in a new interview for Stellar magazine.

Bell, who voices Anna, and Menzel, who plays Elsa, spill some secrets about the followup to the Disney hit that raked in $1.27 billion worldwide at the box office.

“It’s refreshing to see a movie about young women that isn’t about romantic love,” says Menzel. “It’s about unconditional love, the love of family and loyalty. And I think it’s infectious to see two young women taking risks and pushing each other to be their greatest selves.”

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“I love that ‘Frozen’ and [its upcoming sequel] threw the spotlight on the enduring love of family,” adds Bell. “Because to me, it’s just as romantic as love between lovers. It’s just as beautiful in sentiment.”

According to Menzel, the first film’s signature song, “Let It Go”, wound up changing the story arc of her character.

“She was originally written as much more your quintessential Disney nemesis,” she explains. “Then they wrote the song and I recorded it, and as many great songs do, it gave her more layers and complicated the way you feel about her. You could hear the loss and longing in her voice. And I think they felt like, ‘Well… why do we have to adhere to these rules? Why can’t we be different?’”

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According to Bell, Menzel “has two jaw-dropping songs in the next movie that take my breath away when I think about them. They’re beautifully written and then also Idina singing… you just can never go wrong. People are going to fall in love with Elsa all over again.”

“I know that I think they’re incredible songs for the character, her story and what she’s longed for,” says Menzel of the new songs. “I’m excited to sing them and for people to hear them. Whether they have the success that ‘Let It Go’ had… I don’t know.”

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Whether “Frozen 2″ is as successful as its predecessor remains to be seen, but Bell admits she’s not worried.

“This is gonna sound arrogant and I don’t mean it to, but I’m not concerned,” she says.

“We’ve stumbled onto something utterly perfect and fun and joyful to make, and it’s the exact same recipe; everyone is returning,” she adds. “Jennifer Lee wrote it and Jen and Chris Buck directed it. Bobby [Lopez] and Kristen [Anderson-Lopez] wrote the music. I don’t feel the pressure because I have the winning team around me.”

“Frozen 2” hits theatres on Nov. 20.