Howard Stern And Bill Maher Officially Bury Their Feud In Long-Awaited ‘Real Time’ Chat

Howard Stern has been broadcasting from Los Angeles this week while inaugurating SiriusXM’s new West Coast studios, and the New York-based satellite radio star has been using the opportunity to make appearances on some California talk shows.

On Wednesday he stopped by pal Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show, and Friday we visited Bill Maher on “Real Time”.

During the 17-minute conversation, Stern and Maher chatted about a wide range of topics, with Stern turning the tables on Maher at one point by quizzing him until Maher playfully chided, “You’re taking over my show.”

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The pair also took the opportunity to bury their long-running feud (Maher had been a regular guest on Stern’s show until the two had a falling out that ended earlier this year when Maher appeared on Stern’s show).

“You know one of the great things about being this age, even though we are older — and the bad thing is, we’ll be dead sooner — the fact that, when we were young, so many feuds, so many fights,” Maher told Stern. “When you get to this age, it all seems stupid, and it’s all about forgiveness and making up.”

“I was at war with the world,” Stern admitted of his younger self. “I was a guy who was very angry, and I was angry if anybody had a listener that wasn’t mine. So I was competing with everyone, and it led to a lot of friendships that broke up.”

Stern also opened up about the battles with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission that led him to flee terrestrial radio, and why moving to satellite has been a game changer. “From one broadcaster to another, I have to tell you it is very liberating. I’m not sitting there being monitored. It’s my own fantasy.”

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Maher admitted he was jealous of Stern’s fan base, who are less politically correct than “Real Time” viewers.

“You get away with s**t that I can’t get away with, and that always p***es me off,” Maher admitted. “You don’t have a politically correct audience; this is a good audience, but sometimes I have to fight my way through that s**t.”

You can watch the conversation in its entirety above.

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