Taron Egerton On ‘Wolverine’ Casting Rumours: ‘I’m Slightly Baffled By It’

Taron Egerton is playing coy about those “Wolverine” casting rumours.

The reports circled around the “Rocketman” actor, 29, after Disney’s purchase of Fox, which brings the X-Men characters (licensed to Fox) into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With a new group of actor set to play the mutant superheroes in a reboot, rumour has it that Egerton has signed on to play the clawed hero who was previously portrayed by Hugh Jackman.

Egerton addressed the casting rumours during ACE Comic Con in Chicago over the weekend, insisting he’s “baffled” by reports he’ll play Wolverine.

“I think that I love those films and I’ve got lots of friends who play roles in those films and they love it and they have a great time,” he said, as reported by ComicBook.com.

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“I think the Logan thing is really interesting,” he added. “I’m slightly baffled by it, I’ve never felt like a Wolverine sort of guy.”

And while Egerton neither confirmed nor dened the rumours, he did admit that playing Wolverine wasn’t outside the realm of possibility — eventually.

“I know that one’s a few years away,” he said. “I know that [Marvel Studios boss] Kevin [Feige] spoke about it being a few years away. Maybe in a few years, I’ll look rough enough for it. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m a fan of those films and of course I would love to be a part of them.”

Egerton previously chatted about the casting rumours, telling MTV at Comic Con, “I think you need better beard game for Wolverine than I have. Look, there’s no grounding for the rumour.”

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“If I was asked, it would be incredible,” he continued.  “I have to confess, I think sometimes there are better candidates.”

Hugh Jackman, Egerton’s former “Eddie The Eagle” co-star, has played Wolverine since 2000.

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