Kevin Smith paints a magical picture of his in-person reunion with Ben Affleck.

Smith and Affleck had a widely-known falling out of what was a close-knit friendship in the ’90s. The two made amends and Affleck agreed to appear in Smith’s upcoming film “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot”.

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“It was magical, man. Not only did we get a great scene in the movie — and the scene is wonderful, it’s probably one of the best scenes I’ve ever been involved with in film — but I got my friend back after many years,” Smith told People of the reunion. “That was sweet.”

“When I saw him finally, cause I was just texting with the dude,” he continued. “When I went to his trailer the morning of the shoot, which was the last day of the shoot.”

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Smith continued to detail the physicality of the encounter. “I just fell into his arms and started crying. He held me, and he’s Batman so you feel held,” Smith explained. “I was overwhelmed by the man’s size… He’s such a man. He looks like a God carved from wood.”

“Jay and Silent Bob Reboot” premieres Tuesday, Oct. 15.