** WARNING – This article contains spoilers from Netflix’s “El Camino”.




Just days after Netflix’s premiere of “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie”, creator Vince Gilligan and star Aaron Paul are letting fans in on what could have been.

According to Gilligan, an early draft of the film – which follows “Breaking Bad” fan favourite Jesse Pinkman (Paul) after the series’ wrap in 2013 – didn’t look so good for Jesse.

In fact, before Jesse escaped authorities to Alaska where he now lives as Mr. Driscoll, Gilligan had some other ideas that his girlfriend Holly Rice told him to rethink.

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“I thought it was up to the audience to figure out how Jesse got away, but that it was enough to see him driving off into the night victorious,” Gilligan told Entertainment Weekly. “But then as the years started to pass, I found myself wondering at idle moments, ‘How exactly did he get away? Because that’s no easy feat! And what if he didn’t get away? What if he got busted right around the next corner?’”

He added, “I even played with telling that story in a movie, and luckily smarter brains prevailed. The people that I love and trust, starting with my girlfriend Holly, said, ‘You cannot have Jesse Pinkman get busted at the end of this thing. You cannot go that route.’ And I said, ‘Okay. All right, honey.’ [Laughs] I’m glad I listened to her and I listened to [‘Breaking Bad’ executive producer/’Better Call Saul’ co-creator] Peter Gould and the ‘Better Call Saul’ writers.”

And even Paul was surprised with his character’s almost-fate, “Wow…. He never said that to me. Wow. That’s so interesting.”

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“I mean, I’m happy that he’s not caught, you know?” Paul continued. “I’m happy that he got away. There’s some things like as a fan — the parents of the boy [Drew Sharp] who was shot on the bike, I wish they knew what happened to their kid. There’s little things like that that I would love their family to find out. But also, it’s so perfect and that’s what really tore at Jesse. He’s an emotional creature. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and he cares about people and cares about kids and their well-being.”

“El Camino” is streaming now on Netflix.