Jeff Bridges Talks Meeting Snoop Dogg And Photography On ‘Kimmel’

Right before an interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, Jeff Bridges met Kimmel’s other guest of the evening, Snoop Dogg. Kimmel, entranced by the idea of the two men meeting, asks if Bridges smoked weed with Snoop prior to the interview. The actor-singer-photographer-stunning-head-of-hair-er did not confirm nor deny getting high but mentioned his strong tolerance.

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Bridges, who turns 70 in December, has been a photographer for many years and enjoys documenting his life. He has a new photography book called Jeff Bridges: Pictures Volume Two.

Kimmel jokes that he hopes the camera Bridges uses is better than an iPhone. Bridges explains that the camera he uses is like a video camera-photo camera hybrid, and indeed is better than that of an iPhone.


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Bridges highlights a type of photo he likes to shoot, in which he captures someone smiling and frowning in one shot, for a comedy-tragedy effect. Kimmel zeroes in on a photo of his “archenemy” Matt Damon.

Bridges tries to make amends for taking such a terrible photo (playing along with Kimmel’s running joke) by taking a similar photo of Jimmy. The show host requests the shot be posted on Twitter when it’s developed and ready.

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