Jonathan Van Ness Recalls Horrifying Poop Story, Stars In Hilarious New Ad For Poo-Pourri

Warning: If you have a sensitive stomach you might not want to read on.

Jonathan Van Ness is not afraid to speak about the things people tend to shy away from.

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Van Ness recently partnered up with Poo-Pourri for a new ad and had one story in particular to share as he promoted the product, which is a before-you-go toilet spray.

The “Queer Eye” favourite told People: “It’s something that everyone does but it’s something that’s very stigmatized and people just feel kind of gross about it.”

He told his own poop story, “It was Sepulveda and Pico [in Los Angeles], and I was in a Kia Rio, at a red light, with nowhere to run.”

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“And it wasn’t a ‘shart’ or a ‘chancer’, as my stepdad would have said. This wasn’t a chancer — this was a 27-year-old having a full diarrhea that was brought on by a hot, seafood spinach salad with a kombucha and frozen yogurt.”

Van Ness continued, “I’ve dealt with poo shame, and anywhere we can remove stigma and shame, I want to be here for it.”

Watch Van Ness star in the new ad above.

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