Michael Douglas experienced a parent’s worst nightmare when his son Cameron Douglas got hooked on drugs.

The father-and-son duo are now opening up about this strenuous chapter in their lives. Michael, 75, and Cameron, 40, reflect on Cameron’s drug abuse in a new interview with People.

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“There were moments when hope dwindled… and then it’s just a train out of the station,” Michael says. “Life became a series of crises. I thought I was going to lose him.”

“I hated the wreckage I saw in my life because of drugs but I just couldn’t stop,” Cameron adds. There were times when Cameron was using cocaine almost daily and dealing with drug-induced seizures.

“It’s the sneaky power, the stranglehold that addiction has when you’re in the throes of it,” he says. “When you get that far down the rabbit hole, there are a couple options: there’s prison and then there’s death.”

Cameron details these hardships and his road to recovery in the impending memoir Long Way Home.

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Douglas spoke more about his son’s drug history and recovery when visiting SiriusXM’s “The Jess Cagle Show” this week. The actor was there promoting the second season of his Golden Globe award-winning Netflix series “The Kominsky Method”.

“He’s doing great, he’s in wonderful shape,” he said. “I’m just so proud. He’s had a rough go of it. Addiction is just a terrible terrible disease. It affects all families. He’s planning on doing speaking engagements. Things are looking up in the future.”