Charlize Theron Reveals She Has No Nannies And Just Underwent Three Surgeries

As the single mother of two children, juggling family and a demanding career as a movie star, Charlize Theron could understandably use the help of a nanny.

However, in a new interview with Us Weekly, the 44-year-old Oscar winner reveals that not only does she not have a nanny at the moment, she’s also in the midst of recovering from three surgeries to repair a ligament in her hand that she tore while filming an upcoming movie — and also just adopted a pair of rambunctious puppies.

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“My life is a little overwhelmed,” admits Theron, who’ll soon be seen portraying Megyn Kelly in the upcoming Fox News-based, factual drama “Bombshell”.

“I just had three surgeries. I’m promoting two films… We don’t have a nanny right now and I know that I couldn’t do what I do and have this career if I didn’t have help and support.”

Luckily, Theron has friends and family on whom she can rely.

“Every single person in my life who is like my family has just stepped in and it’s really meant a lot to me,” she adds. “Tonight I was literally, like, writing [while] a friend of mine was watching the puppies. My mom is cooking dinner for the kids right now.”

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Theron’s mother, she admitted in a 2018 interview with Elle, has taken a major role in helping the actress raise her children, Jackson, 7, and August, 3.

“I knew that I would have to have my mom help me if I was going to do this as a single parent,” she admitted. “To not acknowledge her in co-parenting my children would be a lie… I would feel pretty alone if I didn’t have a partner in crime in all of this.”

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