Halsey Reveals Her ‘Voice’ Performance Led To Homophobic Rape Threats: ‘All Hell Broke Loose’

Halsey was hit with homophobic hatred after her performance on the season 15 finale of “The Voice”, when the openly bisexual singer performed a sexy duet of her hit “Without Me” with dancer Jade Chynoweth that featured some highly suggestive moments between the two women.

The network TV performance led to backlash, which the 25-year-old singer addressed on Twitter:

In a new interview with the Times, Halsey reveals that the backlash was even worse than was realized, and included violent threats of rape.

“People were going, ‘What is this lesbian garbage on my TV?’ Yet there are performances by other artists that are way more sexual,” Halsey said. “But all hell broke loose.”

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After the performance aired, she reveals, homophobic trolls leaked her email address and phone number, which led to irate homophobes “texting me things like, ‘I’m going to rape you straight.’ Heinous stuff.”

Despite the negativity directed at her, Halsey prefers to focus on the positivity she can create.

“Here’s what’s important, though — the young people sitting on the couch next to that angry dad, that angry mom, hearing them spewing hatred,” she said, insisting these people are the ones who matter to her most.

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“The kid that’s scared to come out needs to see that on the TV.”

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