Jameela Jamil raised the hackles of Victoria’s Secret model Sara Sampaio, who gave the star of “The Good Place” a piece of her mind about some comments she made in a Twitter post.

On Saturday, Jamil shared a video taken at a fashion show featuring women of various shapes and sizes, having the time of their lives cavorting on the catwalk.

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That comment in which she describes a model as a “long-starved terrified teenager” apparently rubbed Sampaio the wrong way, and she fired back to tell Jamil her remark was “extremely offensive.”

That launched a back-and-forth Twitter discussion between the two, with Jamil responding by telling Sampaio to “try to calm down,” while asserting “there is a *vast* majority issue with young girls starving themselves, and using drugs and cocaine to control their weight, to meet the very small sample sizes. If you don’t see that, then you are in a bubble.”

If you thought that Sampaio wouldn’t stand for Jameel implying that the vast majority of models are coke-addicted bulimics, then move to the front of the class.

Here’s how the rest of the exchange went down:

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