We can hear Seth Rogen’s signature laugh after he found out that 20-year-old Daniel Alfredo Burleson was arrested for using a McLovn’ ID, as featured in the movie “Superbad”.

Burleson told the police that he had purchased the ID on Amazon.

As reported by the Iowa City Press-Citizen, the young man was at a bar drinking when the police came up to him and asked for his ID. Initially he refused to show the card, but eventually whipped out the McLovn’ ID, which would make him 38. It was a bit more reasonable when Christopher Mintz-Plasse tried to get by as a 25-year-old.

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Burleson is looking at public intoxication, being underage at a bar, underage alcohol possession, and fake-ID charges.

It’s a bold move.

Watch the clip of the ID’s inception, but be warned, do not try it at home, in Iowa, or anywhere: