Jennifer Aniston is making her return to the small screen for the first time since “Friends” wrapped in 2004. This time, she’s joined by none other than Reese Witherspoon in the upcoming Apple TV+ series “The Morning Show”.

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While speaking with ET Canada correspondent Keshia Chante, Aniston reveals why this show was the perfect opportunity to return to her television roots.

“I was just looking for something that I loved to do and it’s not always easy because there’s not a lot of great shows out there for women, or at least that I was being given the opportunity to do or be a part of, and this came up a couple of years ago,” she shares. “It was just a no-brainer. This is actually a perfect thing to become a part of.”

The show not only marks the 50-year-old’s return to the small screen, it’s also the first time she’s worked with Witherspoon since the two played sisters on “Friends” in 2000.

Now that so much time has passed, the dyanmic duo reveals what it was like work together again.

“Well, we’re older, we’re wiser. Thank God,” Aniston hilariously says. “[We] have a lot more experience under our belt[s] and it’s wonderful to now put forth all those years of work and everything that we’ve learned and put it into a project that we’re so proud of, from the ground up.”

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Not only do the two actresses star in the Apple TV+ flagship drama, but they also worked together behind the scenes as executive producers.

“It’s a big undertaking. The scope of the show is huge and I don’t think anyone really understands. It was an interesting first year, you know but we did it,” expresses Aniston.

“We held each other a lot going ‘This is a lot. Are you overwhelmed? I’m overwhelmed? Yes, okay? What a relief! Okay, let’s carry on,'” adds Witherspoon.

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“The Morning Show” sees Aniston and Witherspoon take on the roles of journalists Alex Lexy and Bradley Jackson, who show audiences the modern workplace through “the lens of the people who America help wake up.”

So, with these new roles, has it given them a different perspective on journalists?

“Well, we’ve pulled the curtain and we now know what they were going through and struggling through for so long,” admits Aniston.

“It wasn’t just a perky Robin Roberts in the morning who would just be gracious and lovely and talk to you about your Meg Ryan movie for 10 minutes. We just know more. We just have more awareness of what goes on,” she continues.

Witherspoon adds: “The negotiations for their deals, the mistreatment, the inequality, the pay inequality – all these things are on our show and it really brings it all to the surface.”

“The Morning Show” premieres on Apple TV+ on Friday, Nov. 1. Check out our full interview with the actresses below.