David Spade still hasn’t found a “Lights Out” house band. Next up to audition: Deadmau5.

Spade fires insults at the EDM DJ from the get-go, telling him of his trademark getup: “‘The Masked Singer’ is on stage 12.”

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He also adds, “Sooo… How long have you been playing the space bar?”

Deadmau5 takes his headgear off early on, with the actor admitting he “s**t” in it, which is why it smelled so bad.

The musician then plays Spade some tunes, as he dances along, joking: “My old Chippendales audition.”

He says to another track, “This one’s lame but the dancing saves it.”

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Spade eventually hands Deadmau5 a dingy old office space. See his reaction in the clip above.

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