Lazlo Holmes, Definitely Not Chance The Rapper, Interviews Toronto Maple Leafs’ Auston Matthews

Lazlo Holmes is back with the deep analysis and insightful interview questions that only he can give.

Chance the Rapper “lookalike” Holmes took to the ice to speak with Toronto Maple Leafs’ player Auston Matthews.

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“Is that a league requirement to have a not-normal name,” Holmes asked Matthews in a video uploaded by NHL. “Yeah, actually Commissioner Bettman requires you to have not a normal name,” Matthews responded.

Matthews shared how he was the first draft pick in 2016. A confused Holmes thought Matthews meant he was the “first-ever” draft pick.

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“This man is the first overall ever, if ever, draft pick,” Holmes said. “He looks like the prime suspect in a game of Clue.”

The Maple Leafs lost a closely contested game against the Washington Capitals on Wednesday. The final score was 4-3 Capitals.

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