Sandra Oh Admits ‘Killing Eve’ Is Her Most Challenging Role Yet, Says Eve Is Forever ‘Changing’

Sandra Oh is happy to see a third season of “Killing Eve”.

In a new profile with PORTER magazine, Oh, 48, is thankful for her Korean-Canadian heritage, her ever-“changing” character, Eve, and the fact Eve *spoiler alert* “didn’t die” at the end of season two.

“[The next season] is basically about where you come back after that, emotionally,” she says, referring to Eve being shot by Jodie Comer’s Villanelle.

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“A lot of the time I feel Eve is fighting. And there have been times when I have been fighting as well,” she continued. “Eve is changing, and the deeper you go, the deeper the resonance can be.”

And her role as Eve is helping Oh appreciate being a Korean-Canadian in Hollywood.

“It’s not just, ‘dominant culture, let us in’. It’s about our self-identity as Asians in the diaspora,” the “Grey’s Anatomy” alum said while recalling the moment she received the script for “Killing Eve” and assumed the lead role wasn’t for her. “I still wonder what that was about. That was one of those moments when you believe you are on a journey, making progress, and then you realize, inside you are back here. I was filled with shame, anger, humiliation, heartbreak. And that was only three years ago.”

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But the role was for her. Oh even shared the moment she took her Korean parents to see the “Killing Eve” billboard, “This is what I really love about my parents. Not only is it, this is my daughter on this billboard, it’s absolutely an Asian face too, and that has a profound meaning for them, which we don’t need to talk about, but I know they carry it.”

She added, “And I know they carry it for everyone in their generation.”

“Killing Eve” season three is expected to return in March 2020.

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