Katie Couric To Detail Working With Matt Lauer In Upcoming Memoir

On the heels of Ronan Farrow’s Catch and Kill which opens up the case about her former co-host Matt Lauer, Katie Couric has announced she will detail her time at NBC and her awareness of any sexual misconduct in her upcoming memoir.

While speaking on her podcast “Next Question with Katie Couric”, the host said she would go into full detail about the reports of wrongdoings by executives at NBC and the alleged sexual abuse reports in her 2021 memoir.

“The story that Ronan Farrow chronicles in his new book Catch and Kill is full of intrigue, deception and accusations of sexual assault and corporate malfeasance,” Couric said before her hour-long talk with Farrow. “It’s a story I’ve been thinking a lot about and processing for the past two years, and one I am actually writing about as I work on my own book about my personal and professional life.”

Photo by Greg Allen/Shutterstock
Photo by Greg Allen/Shutterstock

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Lauer had four female co-anchors during his time on “Today” including Couric, Meredith Vieira, Savannah Guthrie and Ann Curry–who is the only one of the ladies to say she was aware of Lauer being an alleged sexual predator claiming he “exposed” himself in front of an ex-producer.

Megyn Kelly, another ex-NBC employee, has recently called Lauer a “sexual predator” in a new interview while discussing Farrow’s book.

Couric originally stayed quiet on the matter which was perceived to be support for Laurer but that might not be the case according to the press release from Couric’s publisher, Little Brown.

“In these pages she will spill the intriguing, little-known details of being wooed by Les Moonves to leave Today and anchor CBS Evening News, and the less than warm welcome she received upon her arrival from some of her colleagues at the ‘Tiffany Network,'” the release states.

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“Couric will reveal the unapologetic Mad Men culture, ubiquitous in many news organizations, that led to revelations about some of the biggest names in the business, including her longtime co-anchor and friend Matt Lauer,” it adds. “And she’ll describe her failed efforts to follow in Oprah’s footsteps when she jumped into the treacherous waters of daytime syndication ( Katie), and her misadventures as Yahoo global news anchor during CEO Marissa Mayer’s rocky tenure.”

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