Eminem Stan Devon Sawa Holds His Title As The Biggest Fan With Birthday Message

Stan is a word we use in our everyday culture now when referencing an obsessive fan and it is all thanks to Eminem.

Devon Sawa, played the part of fan with an unhealthy fascination of the rapper in Eminem’s 2000 hit song “Stan”, thus the birth of the term.

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Sawa only solidified his position as the original stan by wishing the iconic rapper a happy birthday on Twitter, adding “We should be together, too”–a lyric from the song.

For those too young remember the video for “Stan”, Sawa played an obsessed fan who keeps writing Eminem letters.

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As the song goes on, the character becomes more deranged as his letters go unanswered. When the busy Eminem finally gets the chance to reply to his fan mail it is too late as Stan became drunk and drove his car off a bridge while his pregnant girlfriend was locked in the trunk. Eminem learns about it on the news.

The Dr. Dre directed video was applauded for the no holds look at the unhealthy relationship some fans have with celebrities.

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