Zach Galifianakis is back with another intentionally awful celebrity interview for “Between Two Ferns”, and his latest guest (victim?) is Brie Larson.

Things get off to an awkward start when Galifianakis asks Larson if she’s often confused with “GLOW” star Alison Brie — because, he explains, that’s who he wanted to have on the show before getting stuck with her.

Galifianakis also asks her to comment on the rumour that she changed her name for showbiz from her original moniker: Gorgonzola Larson.

“The humour there is that your first name is a cheese,” he explains.

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He also references the name of her superhero character, Captain Marvel. “Well, they really have stopped trying, haven’t they,” sneers Galifianakis. “I mean, why don’t they just call it ‘Captain Comic Book,’ or ‘Captain We Can’t Think of Anything Else’.”

“And what would your superhero name be?” Larson fires back. “Captain Crunch? The Bulk?”

Things go even further off the rails when he quizzes her about her first period and the fact that she was home-schooled, asking, “Are your high school reunions lonely?”

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You can watch the entire interview in all its cringe-worthy glory in the video above.