Dean McDermott is opening up about what it takes to keep his marriage with Tori Spelling hot and steamy.

After nearly 15 years of marriage and six kids later, the couple’s craving for sex has not simmered down one bit.

“It’s still on,” McDermott declares.

The 52-year-old actor appeared on Local Now‘s “Mom Life with Adrianna Costa”, where he gushed over his wife, revealing that the two share a strong sexual chemistry that hasn’t diminished.

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McDermott stressed that for him and the “BH90210″ star, date nights are the key to keeping the passion alive.

“You have to make it a priority to spend time together because you spend so much time focused on your kids, you forget about each other and each other’s needs,” said the reality TV star.

McDermott also added that simple affection goes a long way.

“Just grabbing your husband or your wife out of nowhere and just for no reason, and kissing the nape of her neck and saying, ‘I love you so much, you’re so beautiful.’ Just being appreciated,” he explained. “Saying ‘You’re beautiful, you’re handsome.’ Just looking in their eyes.”

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The Canadian actor also commented on the importance of prioritizing a romantic relationship. “[Be] aware of it,” he said. “It’s so easy to throw it in the back, but you’ve got to bring it to the forefront.”

Lately, McDermott has been dishing out the inside scoop on sex life with Spelling, revealing back in August that they have sex “every day.”

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The TV personality was interviewed on Costa’s show to discuss his podcast “Daddy Issues” with Adam Hunter and Nicky Paris.

McDermott and Spelling, 46, got married in 2006. They share children Liam Aaron, 12, Stella Doreen, 11, Hattie Margaret, 8, Finn Davey, 7, Beau Dean, 2, and are parents to Jack Montgomery, 21, who is McDermott’s son from his previous marriage to Canadian TV personality Mary Jo Eustace.

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